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Help employees outperform themselves

Empower and support your staff to take control of their mental and physical health so they can reach their personal best.

Mental and physical health in the workplace is a big issue, and Forth can help you ensure your employees have access to accurate information and expert advice to make the best decisions about their wellbeing.

We offer companies the opportunity to integrate our innovative service into their employee wellbeing programmes.

Our service is more convenient for employees and more affordable for companies than traditional healthcare providers, making it a great addition to your employee health benefits programmes.

Sarah Bolt, Founder & CEO of Forth

Our finger prick test kits enable employees to collect samples easily at home – no need for clinic appointments or invasive blood sampling.

Our industry leading platform brings results to life and motivates employees to be more proactive and informed about their health, making it easy to get a snapshot of their current health, get simple nutrition tips to improve their numbers and allow them to track changes in line with lifestyle changes.

And, as a corporate partner, our platform allows you to view aggregated data from your employees so you can make more informed decisions about health and wellbeing in your workplace.

Why choose Forth?

Cost effective

Forth offers a more affordable wellbeing solution than traditional healthcare providers.


Employees can collect their samples at home using our simple finger prick test kits.


Our market leading platform brings results to life in a visually engaging format accompanied with easy-to-understand explanations.


Our tests measure the most relevant markers for wellbeing, backed by robust evidence and used within the NHS.


Forth empowers people to take proactive action to improve their wellbeing by giving them insight into their health and advice on how to improve it.

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Forth’s convenient, quick, and accurate testing service is ideal for healthcare practitioners who want to offer blood testing to their clients, with a bespoke interface with your branding.


If you’re a personal trainer, coach, gym owner or other health and fitness provider, why not join our affiliate programme? You’ll be able to offer Forth tests through our tailor-made platform, and add science-based personalised insights to your training and advice.


Add our innovative service into your company wellbeing programme and help your employees navigate their way to better health so they can perform at their best.

Knowledge through Science

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