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Menopause Symptoms Guide

Sarah Bolt On Beating The Last Great Taboo

1 in 4 women said they struggled to cope with life due to symptoms of the menopause. This has devastating consequences on the personal and professional lives of many women from their late thirties all the way into their sixties.

Our CEO Sarah Bolt, is passionate about debunking the many myths of the menopause, and drawing the curtain on this last great taboo.

Pulling from her own experience with the menopause, coupled with a decade long career in the medical field, Sarah shares her thoughts on the importance of openly discussing the menopause in an article published by Open Access Government. In the article, Sarah touches on data found by Forth about menopause in the workplace, and shares a critical and comprehensive guide to the menopause.

If you’d like to take a look at what Sarah has to say, have a read of the article here.

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