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This is a tracking package and you will receive and be charged for a new test kit at the duration of your choice (every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months). You can cancel or change the frequency of your test at any time using your dashboard.
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The Vitality blood test is one of our most comprehensive and best value wellbeing checks measuring 31 biomarkers. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your health, know what’s functioning well and what improvements you could make.
What's included
This is a tracking package and you will receive and be charged for a new test kit at the duration of your choice (every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months). You can cancel or change the frequency of your test at any time using your dashboard.
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Why Take A
Vitality Test?

The Vitality health check is ideal for anyone wanting a thorough assessment of their wellbeing at an affordable price. Unlike private health clinics, there’s no need to join a waiting list or even visit a clinic, instead, we’ll arrange for a trained nurse to visit you at a location of your choice to collect your sample.

The test measures over 30 biomarkers linked to various areas of wellbeing, so you can get a comprehensive insight into anything from your energy levels to your liver function. So, whether you want to take an active approach to improve your health and lifestyle or check there are no areas of your health you need to worry about, the Vitality blood test is a great option.

When to take this test

It is recommended you collect your sample within 3 hours of waking and before food. This procedure must be completed by a trained healthcare professional. We can arrange for your sample to be collected at home or work at a time most convenient for you. There is a £55 additional charge for this service.​​

Why Do I Need a Vitality Test?

If, like many people, you use wearable technology to monitor your health, then it’s clear you’re already interested in keeping yourself in good shape. However, these are not the only tools that can give you an insight into your health and wellbeing. Although they’re a good starting point, they’re often limited to measuring the physical aspects of your health such as heart rate, blood pressure, nutrition, sleep habits and activity levels like step counting. Unless you have private health insurance cover, you have little knowledge of what’s going on inside your body and often, the only time you’ll have a blood test from your doctor is if something has started to go wrong or you have symptoms.

That’s where Forth’s Vitality blood test comes in. Our vitality profile gives you an in-depth understanding of your health by analysing over 30 different biomarkers. It will identify those areas that need improvement so you can take control and navigate your way to better health & wellbeing.

The key areas of your health it measures, include:

  • Hormone balance
  • Energy
  • Heart health
  • Bone health
  • Diet and nutrient deficiency
  • Immune health
LDL levels
43% of customers
have high levels of LDL
Vitamin D deficiency
of Forth customer improved their vitamin D result between tests.
Dr Nicky Keay
the Experts Opinion

“As our physical and mental health can be impacted by many things – from imbalances in our lifestyle choice causing mistiming of hormones, to conditions such as thyroid disorders and diabetes – it can be difficult to know the specific cause of symptoms you may be experiencing.  This test checks all these areas to identify the cause of wellbeing issues, whether it’s low energy, mood changes, frequent illness, trouble sleeping or the impact of a stressful lifestyle. It will highlight which areas of your health you need to focus on. It will also assess your longer-term health by checking your heart, bone health and liver function.”

Dr Nicola Keay
Forth Chief Medical Officer

improve your unique self

Want to improve your health & wellbeing? Forth gives you insight into your body’s key biomarkers. By tracking essential markers overtime you can build a picture of your own unique self and discover how your body responds to the changes you make so you can reach your personal best.

Frequently asked questions

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • What is a phlebotomy test?

    A phlebotomy test is one that requires the blood to be drawn from the vein by a trained healthcare professional rather than a finger prick blood test.

  • Do I need to go to my GP to collect the blood sample?

    No. Once you’ve purchased your test, we will contact you to arrange a time for a nurse to visit you at a convenient location e.g. your home.

  • Will I be sent a kit?

    Yes, we will send a phlebotomy kit to you for you to give to the nurse to collect your sample at a convenient time and at a convenient address.

  • How long will my results take?

    As this is our most in-depth test there are a few markers which need to be analysed at specialist labs. This means you will need to allow us 10 working days for your results to become available on your dashboard.

  • Why is the Vitality test not a finger prick test?

    This test analyses a whole range of biomarkers and a larger blood sample is required that would not be possible to gain via a finger prick blood test.

  • What will happen at the appointment?

    The nurse will take the kit that has been delivered to you and will use it to draw blood from your vein, in the same way as blood tests are carried out at your GP surgery. The nurse will give you the tubes of blood to post back to Forth using the pre-paid envelope.

  • What will the kit contain?

    The blood collection kit will contain everything needed to collect and return your blood sample, including tubes, syringes, a lab request form and return envelope.

  • What's the difference between the Ultimate and Vitality tests?

    The major difference between the Ultimate and Vitality tests is the analysis of more in depth nutrient biomarkers within the Ultimate test. These includes omega 6:3, vitamin E and vitamin A.

Want To Personalise Your test?

Would you prefer to test more biomarkers in the same sample of blood? All our tests are customisable and can be tested in just one sample of blood. Click the button below to add more biomarkers to this test.

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