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This is a tracking package and you will receive and be charged for a new test kit at the duration of your choice (every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months). You can cancel or change the frequency of your test at any time using your dashboard.
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The most advanced full blood count health check in our range, the Ultimate blood test analyses 50 biomarkers covering hormones, nutrition, immunity, and the functioning of key organs such as your heart, liver and kidneys.
What's included
This is a tracking package and you will receive and be charged for a new test kit at the duration of your choice (every 3, 4, 6, or 12 months). You can cancel or change the frequency of your test at any time using your dashboard.
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Why Take AN Ultimate Test

Our Ultimate check is a full blood test that analyses over 50 key biomarkers. It is the ideal profile for anyone who wants to gain an in-depth understanding of their biomarkers across a wide range of areas. Areas covered include; heart health, liver & kidney function, thyroid health, hormones, risk of type 2 diabetes, cholesterol levels, key nutrients, stress and full blood count.

This test requires a trained health professional to collect your sample at home which we can arrange for you.


When to take this test

It is recommended you collect your sample within 3 hours of waking and before food. This procedure must be completed by a trained healthcare professional. We can arrange for your sample to be collected at home or work at a time most convenient for you. There is a £55 additional charge for this service.​​

Omega 3:6 Ratio
Recommended ratio 1:3
Average levels
1:17 average ratio amongst Forth customers

What Areas of Health Does the Ultimate Test Cover?

Ultimate is designed to be a full-body blood test and give you a deeper understanding of your overall health, allowing you to proactively take control of your wellbeing.

Cholesterol Check

The biomarkers HDL, HDL % of total cholesterol, hs-CRP, LDL, total cholesterol, and triglycerides enable you to assess your risk of heart disease. Diet, exercise, and smoking can all increase your risk of heart attacks and stroke because they can cause fatty deposits to build up in your artery walls and restrict the blood flow to your major organs.

Liver Health

The health check also assesses your liver health by measuring your levels of ALT, albumin, ALP, bilirubin, gamma GT, globulin, and total protein. The liver is the largest organ in the human body and is involved in hundreds of bodily functions but it has key roles in detoxification and metabolism.

Full Blood Count

Included in the full blood test cost is a deep dive into your body’s key vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12, bicarbonate, calcium, chloride, ferritin, folate, iron, magnesium, omega 6: omega 3 ratios, sodium, vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. These are examples of essential nutrients which means the body is unable to make them and you must acquire them through your diet. However, certain diet regimens can increase the likelihood of nutrient deficiencies and may affect other areas of your health.

Metabolic Health

Understanding your metabolic health is also vital, especially as biomarkers such as those associated with the thyroid like TSH, thyroxine and triiodothyronine can influence how fast your cells work. Imbalances in these hormones can cause unpleasant symptoms. Equally, they can cause symptoms similar to other conditions, so it’s important to determine the cause. Your HbA1c results will give you an average of your blood glucose levels, so you can determine your risk of type 2 diabetes or whether you need to make some changes to your diet to reverse prediabetes.

White Blood Cells

The test will also screen your blood and detect levels of white blood cells like basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, and neutrophils which can increase if an infection or injury is present. Plus, the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood is also measured by determining iron levels in your body because iron is a key component of the haemoglobin present in red blood cells.

Muscle Inflammation

Muscle inflammation can be detected by creatine kinase while your kidney health is determined through the measurement of creatinine, eGFR, urea and uric acid. Therefore, our ultimate health check is exactly that, and at the same time is a cost-effective alternative to private health screening.

Vitamins & Minerals

Ensuring your body has an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals is essential for good health. Our Ultimate package analyses 12 key vitamins and minerals including, vitamin A, E, D, B12, sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, ferritin, iron, magnesium, calcium and folate.

Dr Nicky Keay
the Experts Opinion

“This is a full and wide-ranging test which provides an in-depth health assessment. It checks for conditions and diseases such as under or overactive thyroid, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, liver disease and diabetes.

It includes a full blood count assessment, checking how well your immune system is working and hormones to identify if you have any hormone imbalances, which can cause a variety of symptoms.

It also assesses your levels of essential nutrients that you can only obtain through diet. Deficiencies in these key nutrients can have wide-ranging impacts on your body. For example, low iron levels can cause anaemia and pernicious anaemia, which is an autoimmune condition that affects your stomach, is the most common cause of vitamin B12 deficiency.”

Dr Nicola Keay
Forth Chief Medical Officer

improve your unique self

Want to improve your health & wellbeing? Forth gives you insight into your body’s key biomarkers. By tracking essential markers overtime you can build a picture of your own unique self and discover how your body responds to the changes you make so you can reach your personal best.

Frequently asked questions

 Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. If you need anything else try our help section.

  • What is a phlebotomy test?

    A phlebotomy test is one that requires the blood to be drawn from the vein by a trained healthcare professional rather than a finger prick blood test.

  • Do I need to go to my GP to collect the blood sample?

    No. Once you’ve purchased your test, we will contact you to arrange a time for a nurse to visit you at a convenient location e.g. your home.

  • Will I be sent a kit?

    Yes, we will send a phlebotomy kit to you for you to give to the nurse to collect your sample at a convenient time and at a convenient address.

  • How long will my results take?

    As this is our most in-depth test there are a few markers which need to be analysed at specialist labs. This means you will need to allow us 10 working days for your results to become available on your dashboard.

  • Why is the Ultimate test not a finger prick test?

    This test analyses a whole range of biomarkers and a larger blood sample is required that would not be possible to gain via a finger prick blood test.

  • What will happen at the appointment?

    The nurse will take the kit that has been delivered to you and will use it to draw blood from your vein, in the same way as blood tests are carried out at your GP surgery. The nurse will give you the tubes of blood to post back to Forth using the pre-paid envelope.

  • What will the kit contain?

    The blood collection kit will contain everything needed to collect and return your blood sample, including tubes, syringes, a lab request form and return envelope.

  • What's the difference between the Ultimate and Vitality tests?

    The major difference between the Ultimate and Vitality tests is the analysis of more in depth nutrient biomarkers. These includes omega 6:3, vitamin E and vitamin A .

Want To Personalise Your test?

Would you prefer to test more biomarkers in the same sample of blood? All our tests are customisable and can be tested in just one sample of blood. Click the button below to add more biomarkers to this test.

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